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Exhaust unit BF 10

Best value - Entry-level model

As  a  compact  basic  model,  the  Basic  Filtration,  or  BF  series  for  short,  contains  all  the  essential  functions  of   a  filter  and  extraction  system.  The  systems  of   the  BF  series  can  be  equipped  with  various filter concepts. Here, TBH's proven mod-ular  design,  with  its  many  advantages,  is  used.  The  differential pressure  indicator  can  be  used  to monitor the saturation filter. All systems of  the BF  series  are  equipped  with  a  particularly  energysaving blower, high vacuum and powerful control unit.

Powerful motor

  • Electronically-commutated motors for full power and less energy consumption.
  • Wide-range input 100 – 240 V.
  • Brushless motor; suitable for continuous operation.
  • Permanent magnet rotor. 
  • Electronic control for optimum motor characteristic curve and operating point

Assurance in occupational and health safety

Welding fumes and dusts from related processes are  easily  handled  by  this  system.  The  Institute  for Occupational Safety and Health (IFA) has specifically tested them in accordance with DIN ISO 15012-1  (2013)  and  15012-4  (2016).  It  fulfils  the  protection  level  for  safe  extraction  and  filtering  required  by  the  TRGS  528  Directive.  High  safety requirements are thus met. Smoke, vapours or dusts with particles in the micrometer range are safely filtered out of  the air. Awarded W3 and the DGUV seal, the system offers triple protection for humans,  environment  and  machinery,  and  is  accordingly listed on the "IFA positive list".

Energy-saving and quiet

  • Low energy costs, environmentally friendly.
  • Noise-reducing blower.
  • Suitable for operation in noise-sensitive environments.
  • Energy savings to 65%

Draws off every harmful particle

  • Low-contamination dust disposal.
  • Molecular sieve against gaseous pollutants.
  • Piping / Flexible hose / Extraction arm.
  • Air-recirculation or exhaust-air pipe

Modular and flexible. Individually combinable to several processes

  • Various filters combinable.  
  • Adaptable to different processes and applications.  
  • Numerous accessories available for ideal extraction

Tool-free filter changing. Simple filter removal

  • Swift and smooth changing.
  • No special knowledge required.
  • Easy handling. No tools required.
  • Time-save




  •  Laser technology

Lasers are used for processing metals, woods and plastics. Due to this versatility, companies are intensively involved in laser technology. This not only increases efficiency, but also creates unwanted byproducts,    regardless  of   type  and  performance.  TBH  systems  ensure safe extraction of  fine dust and laser fumes.


  •    Soldering

Soldering  connects  two  different  materials  by  melting.  Tin  solder  being used releases additives that have harmful effects on the respiratory  organs.  Depending  on  the  soldering  application  (manual  or automated), a suitable filter and extraction system must therefore be used.


  •    Welding/Grinding/Cutting

Welding,  grinding  and  cutting  processes  result  in  very  fine  particles from the surfaces being worked. These dangerous substances settle  in  the  lungs  and  can  lead  to  permanent  inability  of   the  respective employee to work. To prevent this from happening, welding fumes must be efficiently extracted. This is demanded by the legal  authorities  in  TRGS528.  TBH  GmbH  therefore  offers  a  large  number of  systems with W3 / DGUV approval.


  • Electronics

Manufacturers  of   electronic  products  work  with  small  or  tiny  elements.  Highlytoxic  materials  such  as  arsenic  or  phosphorus  are  often used to modify the properties of  semiconducting substances. Solvents are used for removing contaminants on microchips; these pollute the environment and are harmful for employees.


  • Work processes with vapours/gases

Gases are much more difficult to separate than solid particles. Due to their chemical structure, they can pass through most filters without any problems. Special filters are required to extract gases correctly and reliably.


  • Plastics processing

Almost every industry today processes plastics. TBH systems are exactly the right solution for the safe extraction and filtration of grinding dusts and vapours thatn occur during the processing of plastics. Be convinced by our quality.


  • Technical glass

Glass production results in great heat. The high temperatures re-quired  for  melting  glass  cause  gases  containing  large  quantities  of  environmentally-hazardous substances to rise. In the course of  the acid polishing, the hot or cold final layer releases tin or titani-um chlorides, such as hydrofluoric acid and sulphuric acid. These substances must be drawn off, as they are harmful to one's health.


  • Textile processing

Clothing can lose small lint and thread particles. These are so light that they can hover in the air of  enclosures, and any motion continuously whirls them up. A high concentration of  these airborne fibres is present particularly in the processing of  textiles. There are also chemicals  used  for  dyeing  clothing,  which  are  usually  harmful  to  health and therefore need to be extracted.


Delivery scope 

  • Fully mounted (incl. filter-system legs).
  • Filter equipment.
  • Power cord

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